• Rae Gellel

Rae's Rescue Journal: 20 Things That Have Happened in 2020 So Far

1) I received this happy update on my two foster kittens, who were adopted via the CatCuddles Sanctuary at the end of December.

2) My plans for a mid-day nap were interrupted.


3) As were my preparations for a weekend away in Brighton.

4) My mum, who is a Pescatarian, decided to cook some mussels. She left them on the cooker to cool down. This was unwise.

5) Ozzy found a new favourite napping spot in the worst possible place.

6) Mindie had a few teeth removed, which has left her with a permanent Elvis-style snarl.

7) I helped trap these two stray kittens, and then got to enjoy squishing them during my weekly volunteering at the CatCuddles Sanctuary .

8) A very kind supporter sent me a foot spa that she no longer needed, as it would make a perfect mini-jacuzzi for one of our rescued pigeons, Baby. He is lifting his wing up like that because he thinks it's raining.

9) A lot of cute baby pigeons came into our care after being knocked out of their nests by the recent storm.

10) Baby, who was hand-reared himself, has appointed himself their baby-sitter. He even tries to feed them.

And gets quite protective of them.

11) Bunty, on the other hand, always wants to eat baby animals. We don't extend the same trust to her. Look at the murder in her eyes.

12) Someone very generously donated a robot hoover, to help reduce the time spent sweeping up seeds every day. Baby was a little baffled by it.

After a while, it started to grow on him.

13) I took a five-minute break from my volunteer duties at the CatCuddles Sanctuary to hug the charity mascot, Mr. Cuddles.

When I tried to walk away, he decided he wasn't quite done being fussed over and found an ingenious way to stop me from leaving.

14) Before she got adopted, Lucky had a reputation at the CatCuddles Sanctuary for being very noisy. She and I worked out a simple system - one kiss = one meow.

15) Bunty claimed my dog's bed as her own.

16) Baby the pigeon tried to peck my eye out.

17) And then messed up my hair.

18) I tried to make Bunty go outside like a normal chicken. She spent the entire time standing by the garden door, waiting to be let back in.

19) I volunteered at CatCuddles under the watchful eye of this very relaxed looking dog in a neighbouring garden.

20) I snapped a picture of this beautiful fox between gravestones at Plumstead Cemetery.


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