• Rae Gellel

Rae's Rescue Journal: 17 Things That Happened this Month - Christmas Edition

1. A baby pigeon that I've been hand-rearing gave me a headache.

2. My chicken, Bunty, met her twin.

3. And ate some Christmas decorations.

4. And stole the dog's bed.

5. Our special needs cat, Fritz, thwarted my attempts to wrap presents.

5. So I wrapped Fritz up instead. He didn't seem to mind.

6. Even when I unwrapped him.

7. Similar efforts to wrap were disrupted by one of the hand-reared pigeons we're over wintering.

8. And again by Mylo. Sigh.

9. I did a lot of cat-trapping. As mentioned in my recent post about the importance of neutering, I've been helping to catch, neuter and rehome a large stray cat colony this month. So far we've caught five cats, including two feral kittens that I'm now fostering. They're all available for adoption at CatCuddles.

10. My new foster kittens decided that I had done quite enough work for one day.

11. I did some research into why cats love boxes so much.

12. Mindie got a bit too into the Christmas spirit.

13. I got carried away when it comes to (Vegan) Christmas advent calendars

14. I distributed 30 bags of useful items to rough sleepers in London, including dog food and treats, blankets, toiletries, hats, gloves, and so on. This is something I've been doing for nearly ten years at Christmas time.

15. Someone I previously helped with an injured parakeet and wood pigeon posted this Christmas card through my door, and made my day.

16. I could finally wear my favourite Christmas jumper again.

17. I received some very appropriate Christmas gifts - pigeon earrings and a chicken handbag.


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