• Rae Gellel

Rae's Rescue Journal; 10 Things that Happened this Summer

1. I got a love bite from a blind, Siamese kitten at The CatCuddles Sanctuary.

2) I hand-reared A LOT of pigeons.

3) Like, a lot.

4) Among other baby animals.

5) This fledgling magpie that I was hand-rearing (who has now been released), decided that one wax worm at a time was simply not enough.

6) I opened the front door and this sick pigeon was on the doorstep. Word has obviously got around about me in the pigeon community.

7) I rehabilitated and then released a pigeon that kept coming back (he's still in the aviary as we speak).

8) Conchi and I (another CatCuddles volunteer) got so desperate after three consecutive days of trying to catch a stray cat and her three kittens - doing shifts of up to 12 hours - that we ordered pizza to the car. Thank god for the new Papa John's vegan menu.

9) We eventually caught all four cats. The last (ginger and white) kitten refused to be caught and just as we were giving up hope, we got him. We named him Kouna, based on the Japanese word for lucky (Kōun'na).

10) I had a dream that I was suffocating, and then woke up with Fritz on my face and it all made sense.


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