• Rae Gellel

A Photo Gallery of My Life Being Ruined by Cats

I think I'll go and have a lie-down in my bed.

Oh, nevermind. I see that you're busy.

Maybe I'll do some housework instead. Like drying some towels.

Okay, guess I'll just take the recycling out then.

How about watering the garden? Oh, I see there's no need.

I wondered why those roses keep dying.

Maybe it's time to get packed for that trip away.

Alright, I'll update my blog instead.

Though it's quite hard to see the screen like this.

Time for a bathroom break.

I think we're out of toilet paper, though.

Maybe I'll use the kitchen sink to wash my hands instead.

No chance of a shower, then.

Can I have that nap yet? No?

Coffee will wake me up.

Oh, a dead moth in my coffee. Thanks, buddy.

Actually, I feel like having a cold drink after all.

Oh, forget about it.

Seriously, forget it.

I'll just have a snack.

No, that doesn't mean you're all getting a snack too. How many of you are there anyway?

Oh, you brought me something, thanks. I'm actually not that hungry anymore.

Can I get into bed yet?

Okay, it's not ideal, but I'll take it as a win.


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