Animals and Veganism

Sentient Media

New U.K. Legislation Makes Compassion A Crime (2020)

One Green Planet
How Zoos Create A False Sense of Entitlement When Interacting With Animals (2016)

Sanctuary That Saves Cats No-one Else Will Needs Your Help (2017)

The Flaming Vegan
Hypocrisy, The West, and the Yulin Dog Meat Festival (2016)

Three Reasons Not to Buy or Sell A Pet Online (2016)

Vegan Recipe: A Decadent Maltese Pasta Pie (2016)

Drinking Milk Helps Cows, Claims British Supermarket (2016)


What is Wobbly Kitty Syndrome? A Case Study: Meet Marty and Mylo (2020)

The CatCuddles Sanctuary - Cat Care Pages & Articles

Kids & Cats (2021)


Cats & Wildlife (2021)

Elderly Cat Found Near Death Highlights Warning About ‘Community Cats’ (2021)


Catcuddles Cat Hodge to Follow in Doorkins Magnificat's Paw Prints (2020)


5 Amazing CatCuddles Rescue Transformations - in Pictures (2020)

Why Neuter? (2018)

Lost Pet Advice (2018)

Stray and Feral Cat Advice (2018)

Fostering FAQs (2018)

Keeping Cats Safe During Firework Season (2018)

FIV FAQs (2018)

Film, Television & Media


The Disturbing Forgotten Scene in Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Six (2020)

The Startup Via Medium

Neopets is Changing, But What Does it Mean for Users of 20+ Years? (2020)

ScreenRant Lists
10 Romantic Movie Moments That Are Actually Creepy (2020)

Archer Season 11: 10 Questions Fans Want Answered (2020)


Star Trek The Next Generation: 5 of Data's Most Human Moments (& 5 of His Most Artificial) (2020)


Star Trek: 10 Alien Species Explained (2020)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: 10 Most Iconic Speeches, Ranked (2020)

5 Of the Best Adaptations of a Christmas Carol (And 5 of the Worst) (2019)

10 Buffy Demons Explained (2020)

Other Film, TV & Media Articles
Movie Resurrection: A Review of James Gunn's Super (2016)

Eight Overused Tropes in Mainstream Christmas Movies (2019)

Nightmares On Lynch (2010)
Media Magazine, Issue 33

Short Stories

'At the End of a Busy Night' (2020)

'Dumped' (2020)

'New Year's Eve' (2020)


'The Waiting Room' (2020)

Other Publications
'The Gate Clock' (2014)


'Mr. Soho' (2015)
The Alarmist Magazine, Issue 5, Spring/Summer 2015

Creative Non-Fiction

The Victorian Family Decimated in a Forgotten Disaster on the Thames (2020)


Oil Companies Accused of Causing Drought in Colombia That Has Killed 100,000 Animals (2013)
Link no longer active - please view on Google Docs

Venezuelan Students are Posing Naked on Twitter (2013)
Link no longer active - please view on Google Docs

There's a Vampire Cult in Northern Italy (2013)
Link no longer active - Please view on Google Docs


The Most Depraved Women in Literature (2013)
Link no longer active - please view on Google Docs

10 Things You Didn't Know About Sylvia Plath (2013)
Link no longer active - please view on Google Docs

7 Weird Erotica E-Books Self Published on Kindle (2020)

Craft & Creative Industries
The Goldsmiths' Centre - News Articles

The Creative Dimension Trust: Creativity for All (2021)

Creative Mentors Foundation Delivers Jewellery Workshops to Students at St. Marylebone CE Bridge School (2020)

Cornerstone Social Enterprise - Birmingham Initiative Providing Practical-Skills-Therapeutic-Education (2020)

Goldsmiths' Centre Pleased To Partner with MoveForward (2018)

Precious Metal Grant Winners Swap Skills with Goldsmiths' Company Apprentices

Goldsmiths' Company Apprentices Lead Skill Swap Session

The Goldsmiths' Centre - Interviews
An Interview with Arabel Lebrusan: How Sustainability Can Be a Career Catalyst (2020)

HammerClub 2019: An Interview with Rajesh Gogna (2019)

In Conversation with Setting Out Participant, Margaux Clavel (2019)

An Interview with Foundation Programme Student, Hary Buckett

An interview with Foundation Programme Student, Varis Prieditis (also re-published in Retail Jeweller Magazine)

An Interview with Asprey's First Female Apprentice, Sophie Chapman

Looking Back at Hammerclub: 2019, Renewal - An Interview with Sandra Wilson

An Interview with Setting Out Participant, Judith Peterhoff

An Interview with Goldsmiths' Company Apprentice, Nicholas Franklin

An Interview with Goldsmiths' Company Apprentice, Daniel Munn

Shine 2019: An Interview with William Sharp

Shine 2019: An Interview with Holly O'Hanlon

Shine 2019: An Interview with Suzanne Seed

HammerClub 2019: An Interview with Amanda Randall

An Interview with Setting Out Participant, Yasmin Belkhayat

HammerClub 2019: An Interview with Larissa Thiel

An Interview with Filigree Tutor Filipa Oliveria

HammerClub 2019: An Interview with Cecilia Moore

New Designers: An Interview with Chih Ning Li on Being Selected for One Year In

Foundation Programme: An Interview with Amy Gibson

An Interview with Setting Out Participant, Jessica Jue

Foundation Programme: An Interview with Adriana Klimentjevaite

Foundation Programme: An Interview with Alexander Wood

Foundation Programme: An Interview with Zoe Williamson

Christine Johnson on Making the Juniper Bubble Beaker

Paul Alexander Smith on Making the Effervescent Beaker

Loucinda Nims on Making the Celebration Beaker

Abigail Buckingham on Making the Mandala Beaker

Kyosun Jung on Making the Enamel Sunset Beaker

Patrick Davidson on Making Beaker-2018

Jessica Jue on Making the Sunrise Tulip Beaker

Manasi Depala on Making the Surya Beaker

Alex O'Connor on Making the Elliptic Beaker

Takuya Kamiyama on Making the Dry Earth Beaker

Paul Savage on Making the Botanicals Beaker

Rupert Todd on Making the Illusion Cup

Suzanne Seed on Making The Gin Beaker

Hamish Dobbie on Making the Quarried Beaker

Oscar Saurin on Making the Spiral Beaker

The Animalist

A blog documenting my research into the Princess Alice Disaster, and Superintendent of the London Steamboat Company, William Towse. For the Research Module of my Masters Degree in Creative Writing at the University of Westminster.

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