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My two main passions in life have always been animals and writing.

I decided it was about time to combine the two, and so I created The Animalist. Now let me tell you what qualifies me to write it.

I was the Assistant Manager of the CatCuddles Sanctuary, a no-kill charity dedicated to the rehoming of unwanted, stray and abandoned cats, from 2014 to 2018. I remain an active CatCuddles' volunteer to this day, assisting in the rescue of stray and abandoned cats and in the daily care of those housed at the sanctuary. 

I have a Diploma in Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation, a Bachelors Degree and (three thirds of) a Masters Degree in Creative Writing.

After earning my Wildlife Rehabilitation Diploma, I began caring for the occasional injured, unwell or orphaned wild animal in my home, including fostering infant squirrels with a fantastic organisation called Urban Squirrels. The primary goal of this work is always (licensed, if necessary) release, usually through reputable organisations.  In recent years, due to a lack of resources for wildlife in the area in which I live, the number of wild animals that I care for has increased considerably. This has lead me to create The Greenwich & SE London Wildlife Network, a community group that aims to fill the gaps for wildlife in need locally.

I have volunteered for a number of charities relating to animal rescue or conservation over the years, including the British Divers Marine Life Rescue as a Marine Mammal Medic and a short voluntary placement with East Sussex Wildlife & Ambulance Service. In addition to volunteering for CatCuddles, I'm also currently a volunteer Marine Mammal Surveyor for Cetacean conservation organisation ORCA, and a member of the daily care team for Exotic Animals at Second Chance Animal Sanctuary.

I have been a vegan since the age of 13, and a life long advocate for animal rights. I have explored Europe primarily for the purpose of wildlife watching, and seeing macaques, seals, whales, dolphins and sea turtles in their natural habitats has been the highlight of my life. This is done responsibly and ethically, of course, and when I can spare the time or money (so not that often..).

I currently fit my rescue duties around free-lance work as a writer and content-creator, with an interest primarily in the charity sector. You can read some of my published work here, or hire me to write for you here.

My only philosophy in life is to try to protect the vulnerable - and that applies to all species.

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